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Bella Facials

Bella Deep Cleansing Enzyme Facial - This facial uses pure enzyme & manual extractions to clean clogged pores- Face~ $100 Bellisima’ Back Facial-Our facials & peels may be customized for these important “skin bare & sensuous areas”----Prices vary

'Bellisima' Back Facial- Our facials & peels may be customized for these important "skin bare & sensuous areas"----Prices vary

*Express Enzyme Facial- This 30 minute facial includes a cleanse, pumpkin exfoliation and a hydrating mask to leave you skin looking and feeling it's best. Face~ $40.00

*Express Acne Facial- This 30 minute facial includes a cleansing, papaya enzyme w/ salicylic acid to exfoliate and a clarifying mask to clear out pores and fight the bacteria that causes acne. Face~$50.00

*Acne Clarifyning Facial- This facial uses papaya enzyme with salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin & manual extractions to clean clogged pores. This is followed by a clarifying mask to clear out pores and fight the bacteria that causes acne. Face~$85.00

Bella Peels

MicroPeel – A three step exfoliation/rejuvenating light peel that removes a micro thin layer of unhealthy skin-includes dermaplane techniques, an AHA acid application and cryotherapy-make a commitment to youthful, radiant skin! Face~ $100 *Package of 4 ~$360

MicroPeel Plus- A concentrated Salicylic acid peel excellent for skin with breakouts and acne. Dramatically clear skin can result when done 2 times a month for active acne-get a package deal! Face~ $100 *Package of 4~ $ 360

Microdermabrasion-Diamond microdermabrasion of the skin- an effective resurfacing treatment that erases the dull outer layer, exposing fresh vibrant skin, Excellent for any skin type and best when done in a series! Face~ $100 *Package of 4 ~ $360

Vivite` Peel – This 70% Glycolic acid peel with GLX glycolic technology marrying an AHA with innovative botanical ingredients, natural botanical antioxidants is designed to visibly improve skin texture, color and tone without any discomfort. Combine the Vivite` Peel with the Vivite` Skin Care and Vibrance for spectacular results and special savings! Face~ $75.00 *Package of 4 ~ $260.00

Bella Signature Clinique Medical Hand Treatment-a treat using medically- proven, nourishing Clinique Medical formulations to penetrate & soften hands. A pampering that will not break the bank! ~ $25

Bella Facial “Extras”*

  • Add- on Services- add to enhance your facial treatment!
  • Oxy-Mist – Pure oxygen, amino acids & antioxidants are infused into the skin to stimulate healthy cell rejuvenation. Face~$30
  • Hydroquinone Infusion- A mist of hydroquinone will even skin tone and minimize hyper-pigmentation. Face~ $25

Bella Treats for Your Eyes

  • Eyebrow Tinting-Enhance your most expressive feature. ~ $25
  • Eyebrow Tweezing- The perfect complement to any facial treatment. ~$30
  • Latisse- Paparazzi Ready-Eyelash Enhancement! The first & only prescription, FDA-approved eyelash enhancer for longer, fuller, darker lashes. Results require 8 weeks of treatment so buy 2 for only~$216, then, replenish your supply with one kit for~ $120

Light Therapy and Lasers á la Bella*prices/series vary

  • Smartlipo-sculpt unwanted pockets of body fat and tighten your skin-without anesthesia & with only 1 day of downtime-Consult with Dr. Petti or her Aesthetic Nurses-today!
  • Affirm CO2 Fractional Laser Peel for Skin Renewal that will subtract 10 years, allows adjustable & minimal downtime-for wrinkles, sun damage, scars- Face, Neck, Chest, Hands
  • Portrait –this simple Plasma Energy Peel treats wrinkles, brown spots & tightens skin- giving your complexion a clear & smooth appearance-minimal down time-series- Face, Neck, Chest, Hands
  • FotoFacial/FotoBody – Intense-pulsed light technology treats photo-aging, red and brown blemishes, spider veins-with no down time. Package of 5 treatments, then, join the Club for clear skin!
  • Titan –Infrared light heats the collagen below the skin surface producing immediate collagen contraction-see skin tightening with a series of 3 treatments, then, join the Club! Face, Neck, Body
  • Laser Hair Removal- Men & Women desire soft, smooth skin-so go ahead & remove unwanted hair now- several sessions are needed-all sites treated-Face, Neck, Body
  • Laser Leg Vein Therapy – Treat unsightly veins in minutes. Consult with our Aesthetic Nurses-see if you are a good candidate.

Quick Fixes & Time Fighters-Win the Battle!

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic– rest & relax! BOTOX® Cosmetic improves the appearance of wrinkles of the face-frown lines, crowsfeet, forehead lines-R.N. and M.D. Rx
  • Fillers– Adds fullness and youth to your face & your life-choices-
  • Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse and Evolence– Fills in facial wrinkles, enhances lips, cheeks, eyebrows- A liquid facelift is here!
  • Skin Care Products-Vivite`, Clinique Medical, Obagi, BioMedic, La Roche Posay-ask for a dab to try & purchase for your home rx!

Venus- Spa Bella Gift Cards

A Gift of Beauty from Venus, the Goddess of Beauty! Your special one will love you for it! Amorè!

Bella Skin Care Specialists *licensed

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist & Medical Aesthetician Consultation-Our knowledgeable licensed nurses and medical aestheticians will evaluate your skin and provide you with the information and latest techniques needed to keep your skin radiant, youthful & healthy!

VISIA™ Computer Complexion Analysis – Use our exclusive light and computer technology- start your Spa Bella Skin Care Program today-learn what is underneath the surface of your skin & let us change it for the better!